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Web Hosting Bridge To Internet - Cloud Computing?
Web Hosting is a bridge between your website’s files and the internet. A place where all your information and the code that strings it all together are kept and on call for anyone accessing your website wherever in the world they are.

The wiki explanation for Web Hosting is a good one to look up if you want read a more technical explanation (wikipedia).

Web Host = A service provider with a computer or a network of computers, connected to the Internet, where you can place your web site. A web host basically rents out its computers space and connection to you, so that you can make your web site available on the Internet. Web hosts are responsible for keeping the server (and your website) online, and also maintaining and upgrading it.

Data Centers USWeb Hosts run multiple computers or in reality banks of servers that are many times more powerful with storage in the Petabytes (See wiki for explanation) which is a lot. These locations are called data centers and despite everything else being moved offshore to save money most are located in the USA. This is for the security of power stability as they need to be running 27/7 without interruption to service. These centers have extremely fast internet connections and are monitored around the clock 365 days per year. They have generator, battery and UPS back-up for short power disruptions. They operate in humidity and temperature controlled environments and are heavy users of power because of this but it is essential that the best conditions for computers are optimized.

For the every day user you will just rent a shared server which other people just like you are using for a single or a couple of websites. You can however, rent an entire server just for your use or so that you can resell the portion you do not use or you can even buy the server and just pay for it to be maintained and for the connection to the internet. This is referred to in the trade as dedicated hosting, shared hosting and collocated hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

You have a dedicated server where you can store your website(s). You have remote access on the computer and you can install and update on it any software you want or need. This kind of hosting is suitable for big sites with lot of traffic (and income) because the costs are a little bit higher than, for example, shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

It means that your website resides on a server along side with other websites. The total space on the computer’s hard drive is divided into smaller amounts and you get an amount of that disk space. So, for your website a set amount of disk space and data transfer (bandwidth) will be allocated. Your website will also share the computer’s hardware and software resources (the memory, the CPU, the database server, etc.), but rest assured, your information will remain confidential. No user/website can access the files of another user/website residing on the same server. This type of hosting is the cheapest of the three types presented, but it’s good enough for almost 95% of the people looking for a web host.

Collocated hosting

It’s similar to dedicated hosting with the difference that you actually own the server, so, beside software upgrades, you can buy hardware upgrades too (more memory, larger hard drives, etc.). The advantage is that the server stays in protected environment, with optimal connections to the Internet, rather than staying in an office or at home.

This is part one of this article and you can go straight to part two here (Hosting Explained – part two)

Can Low Cost Hosting Deliver the Goods?

cheap-web-hostingIn these somewhat troubled times most businesses are doing their best to ensure that every penny that can be saved is saved. The danger is that you end up sacrificing quality of service or quality of product in this quest to cut every spare cent you can.

Now Web Hosting is no different. It’s a necessary expense for any business looking to be taken seriously but it’s also one most will try and save on if they can. But where can the savings be safely made? Will low cost hosting be able to offer everything that a modern day business needs?

Low cost web hosting in the current market has never been cheaper and on the evidence we gathered, never offered more value for the very little invested. There are many web hosting service providers able to offer very comprehensive and professional plans from as little as $1.

The $1 hosting providers that we looked at offered nearly everything that you could possibly want from any hosting plan.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support
  • Live Chat assistance
  • Instant activation
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Money back satisfaction guarantees

When you look at the list above it makes you wonder why anyone would ever pay more than the one dollar being asked for by these web hosting companies.

In truth it is only if you are looking to scale up your online operations that would need to spend more and upgrade from these entry level hosting plans. Most of the low cost plans we looked at limited you to one domain so it is often more cost effective to upgrade if you are looking to host more sites and keep their management under one roof in one online location.

If you ever start to outgrow the limitations of shared hosting and need to consider virtual private servers or the crème de la crème of dedicated servers, then again it would be time to look beyond the $1 web hosting plans.

But truly over 90% of the average web sites would find these budget hosting plans more than adequate with even enough capacity to allow for that hoped-for growth. Web hosting is one area that a business with an online presence can reduce costs while not compromising the quality of service it provides to its customers.